Glusterfs Posix ACLs

(就算他們原本不是在同一個owner或是owning group)

POSIX Access Control Lists (ACLs) allows you to assign different permissions for different users or groups even though they do not correspond to the original owner or the owning group.

舉例來說:有個user John建立了一個檔案,但他不想任何人對這個檔案做任何事(rwx),除了另外一個user Antony

For example: User john creates a file but does not want to allow anyone to do anything with this file, except another user, antony (even though there are other users that belong to the group john).

額外的users和group可以透過POSIX ACL來決定他們可不可以存取這檔案(grated/denied)

This means, in addition to the file owner, the file group, and others, additional users and groups can be granted or denied access by using POSIX ACLs.

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